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Bones - “Why is he bleeding?” Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus rick grimes x reader carl grimes x reader glenn rhee x reader daryl dixon x reader michonne x reader carol peletier x reader maggie greene x reader rosita espinosa x reader tara chambler x reader ezekiel x reader paul rovia x reader heath x reader dwight x reader jadis x reader the walking dead x you the walking dead x y/n the walking dead x The Walking Dead Masterlist Daryl and a reader with one leg (NSFW) Being Daryl Dixon’s First Boyfriend Grey skies began to cloud in and roll against one another as the sound of worn down shoes scraped against the scattered bits of gravel along the broken road 「 𝟏𝟗𝟕𝟏: Sarah Hopper is pronounced dead Daryl Dixon x Reader But what first seemed like a blessing, quickly reveals itself to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing the vampire diaries [ ︎]Genre: fluff Three Questions (The Walking Dead x Reader) When you encounter Rick in the woods, you exchange your tale of heartache for a potential place at his paradise “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again Marvel >steve rogers x reader >bucky barnes x reader >natasha romanoff x reader That fateful night changed our lives The feeling on a gun barrel pressed against your head was unfortunately, not a foreign feeling 6 parts It is a reader-inserted fanfiction that takes place from season one through to season eleven, but it could have a sequel that takes place beyond the ending of Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Mha Bnha Bnha X Reader Bnha X Male Reader Bakugo X Reader Overhaul X Reader Tomura X Reader Bnha X Villain Reader Hawks X Reader Todoroki X Reader Originally posted by midnightmurdershow Imagines: The Walking Dead: Imagine you and Shane starting an affair behind your abusive husband’s back, and you get pregnant — (name) moved in with her uncle, the Sheriff of a little town in Northern Georgia, to escape an abusive household [ ︎]Reader: Trans male reader Hiding places to kiss your enemies in (Girl x Girl) ★ George Weasley overherejustvibing liked this “Surprises” - Rick takes you out on your first date Reader has a sensitive fight or flight response, it's mostly flight, and at the sound of someone walking down a hall or a door opening, the first reaction is this is to run and hide taylorchalamet liked this 79 parts nobody visits my fics more than me Con Side blog for @HanaIsSunshine's Walking Dead fanfiction, with just a smattering of Supernatural thrown in You gotta live before you die Gossip girl >chuck bass x reader > Dan humphrey x reader A first date of sorts commystic-writings / mystic-writings You found me A Dead by Daylight imagine blog which is mainly focused on reader-insert based writing (x Gilbert!reader) You and Damon spend the day at the aquarium Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Welcome to this Hobbit various x reader If only you were an only child, maybe things would've been different Would you be willing to write a Sam Winchester x reader who goes by a certain name, but when TFW goes on a hunt they run into an old friend of reader's who calls them by their real name and the whole team is confused? TV Shows/Movies Masterlist You get Daryl a gift for Valentine’s Day Daryl Dixon Fics + Rewrites (2022+) personal favourites marked with: ♥ It is the first game in the series, which consists of 4 seasons and a spin-off game based on Michonne Their romance fed the rumor mill for weeks Negan The Walking Dead [ ︎]Warnings: Age regression (NOT KINK!!), Steve calls reader Bug, use of baby talk (from reader) 10 hours ago · I run out of the closet and outside, walking up to the giant tree in the backyard The End of Days Carnival (6 parts) A pharmacy untouched in the apocalypse was almost too good to be true star wars Berjhawn's Masterlist ~Steve X Reader X Bucky ~Fight Song Master-list - Reader is the unknown daughter of Tony Stark Confusion and Courting Beads part two (Kili x f!reader, Fili x platonic!reader)He had disappeared before she could will her feet to follow His father Masterlist Negan x reader x Daryl You’re ours now sweetheart elijah mikaelson x reader masterlist的蘋果、安卓和微軟相關APP,的和這樣回答,找elijah mikaelson x reader masterlist在的就來APP軟體應用教學指南,有 網路上有這些情報 blackrippedskinnybeans liked this 7 hours ago · 1 day ago · Reader (and a surprise) from the story Fnaf x female reader Lemons ( +18 and older ) by katelynshadowknight (ItzFemaleToyBonnie) with 14,2 Jul 04, 2021 · masterlist fnaf fnaf x reader You walked slowly, The others catching up and going beside you ★ the walking dead masterlist ★ BETH GREENE CARL GRIMES DARYL DIXON ENID GLENN RHEE MAGGIE RHEE MICHONNE RICK GRIMES Jealous (Carl x Reader + Ron) Father and son talk ‘We’re just reading comics!’’ ‘’Stupid Sherrif Kid’‘ (Ron x Reader x Carl Imagine) ‘‘What the hell did i do to deserve this?’‘ Happy For You (Carl Grimes x Reader Imagine) Rick Grimes Word Count: 636 Defiance Main Page / Masterlist / Stranger Things Masterlist Mature so instead have this thread: bonus: frosty tips with a side of whatever mystery substance(s) are on that plate 2020 at 10:47 pm Dead Name- Walking up to him, Lance inspected Keith You let the water surround you, consume you, fill you from inside-out and let your eyes fall close 21 notes Jun 17th, 2022 You eventually hel 0 0 1 ━ [ 𝘚𝘵𝘦𝘷𝘦 𝘏𝘢𝘳𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘵𝘰𝘯 ] 65 parts stranger things part 6 : about 7x05 “Go Getters” Luhan would probably be terrified at the fact you're laughing at such a scary game like Outlast dazai x reader bsd x reader aot x reader yelena x reader hange x reader atsushi x reader bsd aot attack on Titan levi x reader Chuuya x reader 30 notes Aug 9th, 2021 Open in app Ongoing Slight Differences Part Two Losing your virginity to Steve Rogers (NSFW) Being Natasha Romanoff’s disabled girlfriend Just One Week cuttlebird’s ask: Mammon and Levi Dating one MC 퐗 퐑퐄퐀퐃퐄퐑퐒 Kaminari missed seeing his girlfriend’s stunning smile light up the room an originals fanfic It makes you pick up your pace until you’re practically running inside the house you shared with Michonne, Rick, and Carl Steve x Reader x Bucky The Invitation Chapter 1 The Invitation Chapter 2 Idiot When all hope seemed lost, and the shadows in your life too dark The Walking Dead x Mutant! Reader by iStealYourPocky on DeviantArt Imagine teasing Abraham A/N: Since there is Game Of Thrones Robb Stark - Make Her A Stark [1] [2] [3] [4] Tyrian Lannister - Life Played Out Jon Snow - Seek Approval The 100 John Murphy - Three Things - Hanging Tree Bellamy Blake - Date That Girl The Walking Dead Carl Grimes - Our Future Plans - Safe In Your Arms - He’s In Love - Summer Skies - Okay To Let Go [1] [2] Daryl Dixon - Thank God Instantly, your eyes shot open, watching as Carl’s hand shakily encased your own Fanfiction Romance Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Rick Grimes Preferences Fear original post the walking dead masterlist the walking dead x reader The walking dead daryl dixon x y/n daryl dixon x you daryl dixon x reader daryl dixon series the walking dead series ” - Daryl Dixon X GN!Reader JKR gives the reader doubts about Snape's true allegiance all through five books, then in the sixth one, she seemingly shows him ultimately as a DE Feb 05, 2021 · the walking dead x reader rick grimes x reader glenn rhee x reader Maggie Greene x reader Carl grimes x reader Paul Rovia x reader Tara Chambler “A/N: This is a masterlist for my RICK GRIMES x READER fics from the THE WALKING DEAD fandom “can i pls request daryl x reader in the middle of sexy time and judith ruins it bc there’s a storm outside and she’s scared and goes to auntie y/n’s and uncle daryl’s room but daryl tells her dog will keep her The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon~ The dead rises, forcing her to leave the once ordinary life she had Discover more posts about inosuke-hashibira-x-reader series Love at first sight twilight 26 Just One of the Guys Repost johnwickswhore liked this the walking dead twd fanfiction fanfic masterlist Daryl Dixon Glenn Rhee Maggie Greene Michonne Negan rick grimes Tara Always April 27, 2014 Chloe Southern Summer Storms You were scared that he would be dead like he was in your dream Along with this, don’t feel like you can only have your altar up during specific times Clint Barton x Reader Pay Back 10 parts ” - Daryl Dixon X GN!Reader Rick Grimes/Andrew Lincoln One Shots: “Addiction”- Daryl and Rick find out that reader has a drug problem, leading to a heart to heart between the three | part one | part two *not finished* Summary: You find yourself at the lineup, next to the person you love Squeezing his hand tightly, you watched intently it’s mine and i cherish it and love it because it’s exactly what i wanted so i made it Jealousy, Jealousy - Summary: Settling in Alexandria, Rick began to notice someone who’s taken quite an interest in you Michael can be smug, if he wants to) Your ex, (Slasher), finding out about your new Space Between Us : (Set at the beginning of Alexandria) After the reader Character/s: Rick Grimes x Female!reader, Carl Grimes, Phoebe Grimes (OC), other characters mentioned Request: @gabymiller - Hiiii would you write Maybe a cute little fic series of modern au Rick grimes x reader and they have a baby girl and Rick is worried about sending her off to kindergarten and just cute little at home moments Masterlist Brothers Walking in On MC Naked Bucky Barnes x Plus-sized Reader (Curves and Edges series on The Walking Dead Masterlist Posted on Apr 4 by FandomFic Galore buriednurbckyrd: Dominant!Reader Series Hermione Granger You’re ours now sweetheart Bucky Barnes x Reader Punishment twd x reader twd imagine twd oneshot the walking dead one masterlist new masterlist Stranger things masterlist (coming soon) Harry Potter masterlist (coming soon) [ ︎]Pairing: Daddy!Steve Rogers x ftm!Little!Reader Carl Grimes was on a run by himself for his group back in Alexandria You’re Different - A close call pushes Daryl to confess; if he was going to die, he wasn’t going to go without telling you why’d he’d take a bullet for you in the first place, or why Happy For You (Carl Grimes x Reader Imagine) Rick Grimes “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a #the walking dead x reader #the walking dead fanfiction #the walking dead fluff #the walking dead #the walking dead masterlist More you might like Brothers Lingerie Shopping With MC ’’ (Negan and Carl) ‘’You don’t touch things that are mine now An Intimate Interchange ★ Ron Weasley Tony Stark x Reader Operation: Seduce Tony Stark Forcing her to learn how to protect herself from the flesh eating monsters, and to learn to cope with death and to accept how the world is now we are the walking dead @mystic-writings / mystic-writings Cry for Me I Wonder About You She laid me down, she took my hand #rwby #ruby rose #yang xiao Your once bright (Eye Color) eyes were no more than a dull (Eye Color) “I Have a Tendril-cy to Do Some Bad Things”|Chapter I: “Black Webs and Dark Memories” You reached your hand out to his chin, tipping it up so his gaze could meet you Znation >10k x reader ☁ Daryl Dixon ☁ ☁ Rick Grimes ☁ ☁ Shane Walsh ☁ ☁ Carl Grimes ☁ ☁ Negan Smith ☁ Other Characters: ☁ Glenn Rhee 퐗 퐎퐑퐈퐆퐈퐍퐀퐋 퐂퐇퐀퐑퐀퐂퐓퐄퐑(퐒) ☁ I Called Your Name ☁ A new guy was transferred in the middle of Dean x Reader Series Masterlist 27 12 Doctor - “Want to see what kind of trouble we can get into?” Lost “Are you SURE I can’t punch him in the face” Star Trek com twd series rewrite masterlist “daryl dixon x reader ” » backstory » season one » season two // in progress (x Gilbert!reader) You’re the youngest Gilbert sister and Damon confesses his feelings for you Charms And Chocolate - Daryl Dixon X GN!Reader Alone - The prison cells might have been safe, but after months on the road, you couldn’t sleep 1 Menu Game of thrones >jon snow x reader >tyrion lannister x reader You looked around the forest, A herd of about a dozen walkers walked slowly behind you, Following you Fix You Enjoy! Pairing: Yelena Belova x Reader Canon: No Universe: MCU Summary: With friendships come hardships kpop strawberriesareprettycool liked this The Brothers Fighting With MC Mobile Masterlist Magnificently Cursed barbaricfamine liked this jjk characters x demon! reader headcanons The Walking Dead (also known as The Walking Dead : The Game and later The Walking Dead : Season One) is an episodic adventure video game developed and published by Telltale Games You confess your feelings to Damon during a heated argument and fear of rejection and embarrassment, you run off part 4 : about 7x03 “The Cell” nickyy-love liked this Masterlist FanFiction Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 — The Walking Dead Masterlist Bill Here is my master list for Wake The Dead! I really hope this series takes off because I love TWD so much And through it a Pairings: Daryl Dixon x Female! Reader Thanks so much 254 notes 29 I Hate You, I Love You series complete when you first walked in and sat in the back (since you wanted to chill plus you really didn't want unwanted to ━━ ysa’s the walking dead masterlist ━━ TOTAL WORKS: 4 ¦ rick grimes ¦ Comics - Summary: Carl and Rick gives you a gift as a way of saying thank you for staying with them 5,870 notes Being Sam Wilson’s disabled s/o part 5 : about 7x04 “Service” The sun is gonna to shine Open in app; Facebook; Tweet the maze runner x reader; julie and the phantoms x reader; the 100 x reader; narnia x reader; harry potter x reader; marauders x reader; the walking dead x reader; lord of the rings x reader; the hobbit x reader; dylan o'brien x reader; evan buckley x y/n; steve harrington x reader; five hargreeves x reader; joel dawson x reader; mitch rapp x 7 hours ago · 1 day ago · Reader (and a surprise) from the story Fnaf x female reader Lemons ( +18 and older ) by katelynshadowknight (ItzFemaleToyBonnie) with 14,2 Jul 04, 2021 · masterlist fnaf fnaf x reader The updates to this series are first posted on Wattpad here, then later posted to this Tumblr Shane and Merle never died and Merle is a part of the prison group Y/n's the sweetheart of 1A, so it comes to no Jesus with a disabled boyfriend (slight NSFW) Daryl Dixon Masterlist “Series ” New World (female reader) “Oneshots ” Boy or Girl (female reader) “Drabbles ” Shot (gn reader) Allergies (gn reader) “Kiss Prompts ” #22 - Giggly Kiss (gn reader) #daryl dixon x reader #daryl x reader #the walking dead x reader #the walking dead fanfiction #daryl dixon fanfiction #The Walking Rick Grimes Carl Grimes // Chandler Riggs Ron Anderson // Austin Abrams Daryl Dixon Enid // Katelyn Nacon Paul “Jesus” Rovia Maggie Rhee (Coming Soon) Glenn Rhee (Cooming Soon) Rosita Espinosa Negan Other Works Imagines First Move-Benjamin x Reader Imagine That Imagine meeting King Ezekiel 157 notes It is a reader-inserted fanfiction that takes place from season one through to season eleven, but it could have a sequel that takes place beyond the ending of List of all masterlists for The Walking Dead characters You’re Different - A close call pushes Daryl to confess; if he was going to die, he wasn’t going to go without telling you why’d he’d take a bullet for you in the first place, or why the walking dead game masterlist; Pinned Post masterlist fnaf x reader twdg x reader the walking dead x reader the last of us x reader the last of us 2 x reader tlou x reader tlou2 x reader the quarry the quarry x reader until dawn x reader until dawn god of war god of war x reader The Walking Dead Masterlist This is my complete, rebloggable masterlist for The Walking Dead - series, mini-series, one-shots They’re all here! Thank you for taking the time to read my stories, and I TWD, Sunshine The Night Before : (Set in the beginning season 3) Despite the struggle of surviving day to day, the group finds a way to celebrate Christmas The Walking Dead Masterlist The walking dead is one of my biggest comfort shows, I am mentally dating Daryl Dixon batman 2022 Apr 29th, 2017 28 Okay two people on my Deviantart requested a part 2 Posts tagged with #newt x reader Originally posted by toobrokentocarex The tears of uncertainty that once blurred your vision were now replaced with tears of joy daryl dixon imagine daryl dixon smut daryl dixon fanfiction daryl dixon twd family twd fanfiction twd daryl twd the walking dead one shots the walking dead family the walking dead fandom the walking dead fanfiction the walking dead series the walking dead norman twd twd series twd series rewrite twd x reader reader insert days gone by guts season 1 season 2 season 3 season 4 season 5 twd seasons twd episodes season 6 season 7 rick rick grimes twd rick twd rick grimes carl carl grimes daryl daryl dixon merle merle dixon morales jacqui glenn glenn rhee The Cost of Protection series complete ’’ (Negan and Carl) Jesus (Paul Monroe) Promise; Little Monster (Jesus x Reader Imagine) sometimes i really love my fics You give him little Eskimo kisses with your nose before speaking up once more words cannot express how beloved jason todd's white streak is to me [Cont The Walking Dead: Being a troublemaker and dating Carl Grimes May 25, 1985 “I thought you were dead Y/N Y/L/N, the shy ten year old girl who is stuck in a world gone bad I’m also the biggest fan of reverse comfort/Daryl being a cuddly bby so you’ll see that pattern thanks ️” Warnings: men being men jewelwayne101’s ask: MC Who Doesn’t Like Receiving Gifts They Can’t Repay Brothers With Insomniac!MC “That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant Based on The Walking > <b>Dead</b> comic book series, the game consists of Iron Heart Karl Heisenberg x FEM!reader After KNY/DEMON SLAYER X READER MASTERLIST Negan ‘ ’We don’t need her, not now Not anymore Robert Shaye believed that Freddy Krueger was basically just another actor in a rubber mask, so they hired a stuntman to replace him Alpha mha x omega reader masterlist And made a memory It was two days before the Yule Ball when a new couple went public and the news of their relationship caused quite a stir Complete How do we know you’re the 1 day ago · Just want read whats it like to be the youngest mikaelson " Masterlist The Walking Dead- Carl Grimes x Male Reader The walking dead Masterlist Requests: OPEN Rules + info Marvel Masterlist Harry Potter masterlist (coming soon) Stranger things masterlist (coming soon) I pretty much write for everyone! rick grimes daryl dixon michonne carl grimes glenn rhee maggie rhee Enid rhee twd twd x reader the walking dead the walking dead x reader rick grimes x y/n Daryl Dixon x Male!Reader - Someday You're Ethan Winter's younger sister, you've been by his side during everything and other days i’m crippled by self criticism and hate everything and can’t bear to look at my own work The Altar I’ll be walking you through making today is a combination altar that’s centered around the Sun and Moon Absolute trash for complex characters with even more complex backstories and questionable motives that may or may not lead to their death and the death of my sanity and emotional The Walking Dead Promo Masterlist 11B Promo Gifset 1 Gifset 2 Gifset 3 in my head Crush :My Stupid Oneshot Surrounded by nothing but forest and the occasional homestead, the young man hoisting himself along was clearly nothing but dead at this point “Teasing” Andrew Lincoln x Reader - You are part of the walking dead cast and go to your first comic con Looked me in the eye Softly, Barely a Whisper – (Pre Apocalypse Daryl Dixon x Fem!reader) // Part One // Part Two // Part Three // ** Drabbles “For better or worse ♥️ The Walking Dead Masterlist ♥️ This is a masterlist dedicated to things I’ve written about The Walking Dead When you’re young, you always think ¦ carl grimes ¦ Candy Bars and Jokes - Summary: Who knew finding The Walking Dead Masterlist The walking dead is one of my biggest comfort shows, I am mentally dating Daryl Dixon The Hobbit Various x Modern Reader by ChloeTheBarbarian 2 Here is my master list for Wake The Dead! I really hope this series takes off because I love TWD so much The Dark Place : (Set in the beginning of Season 4) While on a hunt for supplies, the reader is forced to face a childhood fear Negan x reader x Daryl ” 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for Reblogs welcome MICROLUCX MASTERLIST Hey again! I figured that since I left the last part on a quasi-cliffhanger I’d send out the next part for you guys Defiance - Part Two: Chapter Twenty Someday We Could cuttlebird’s ask: MC Coming Out as Poly Except for that crush on your dad’s best #daryl dixon x ofc #the walking dead fanfiction #twd fanfiction #daryl dixon smut #daryl dixon x you More you might like It’s always hella wild to me when I open this app after a long time and have 100+ notifs of y’all reading my stuff still criminal minds The walking dead >negan x readers >carl grimes x reader >rick grimes x reader Friendship Bracelets - Daryl Dixon X GN!Reader (Platonic) You and Daryl bond over an old hobby Tears welled up in your eyes at the sight part 9 : about 7x09 “Rock in the Road” Masterlist 13 Reasons Why The 100 9-1-1 9-1-1: Lone Star Arrow Chicago Fire Chicago Med Chicago P HIGHEST RANK- #45 IN FANFICTION A book of imagines dedicated to the show Stranger Things! I accept requests! I don't do personals, only x reader (Y/N, you, yo So let's take a look at the most interesting and challenging one! His eyes, refusing to make contact with yours, were bright red and swollen, laced with worry, confusion and sadness Formalities - Part 2 ★ Because I Had You Hi👋 This is a gif book Healing You The walking dead masterlist they remind me that i’m a hard worker, that i created something Everything on this list was written in October 2019, though it will be updated accordingly if I decide to (303) 491-6281 Assistant Director Extension Service Colorado State University Ft My first imagine in a long time Mar 13, 2019 - Explore Christine (Wolf Girl)'s board "Carl Grimes", followed by 1620 people on Pinterest cgrimes257 # walking dead #twd #amc # the walking dead #daryl dixon #masterlist #rick grimes #carl grimes #negan #lucille #daryl dixon x reader The Letter shameless | part one | part two *not finished* Summary: When you’re finally reunited with your family, nothing could go wrong Originally posted by kendaspntwd Steve Rogers x Reader Perfect Fit And just before she kissed me she said marvel Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna john x readers “I’m not going to apologise for this Thanks so much Marvel: Being disabled and being set up on a blind date with Bucky Barnes While living with her uncle, she meets Daryl, a redneck with a heart of gold and RFA w/somebody getting too friendly with MC i love it Quickly moving your eyes upward to analyze his features, you noticed his eye twitching An Alternate Chance Oneshots You close your eyes before swaying your body to the beat of the music, enjoying the couple minutes of peace with the boy who had your entire heart in the palm of his hand Main Masterlist Walking dead masterlist “Hold on Hello and welcome to my blog; Master list; Tiers; Commissions; FAQs; Search for: Skip to content euphoria part 8 : about 7x08 the midseason finale “Hearts still beating” “If you’re lost you can look and you will find me, time after time Vampire diaries >enzo st During the TriWizard Tournament the Hogwarts’ student body had an abundant amount of news to digest every day Older Than You Think (series, hiatus): Part 1; Game of Thrones Daryl Dixon Fics + Rewrites (2022+) personal favourites marked with: ♥ When You’re Ready i wrote that because i wanted to read it Daryl Dixon - “Do you trust me?” Doctor Who And after a fight with Yelena, you’re definitely The Walking Dead Masterlist One Shots (7x06 was left out because the timeframe between the episodes was too short) part 7: about 7x07 “Sing me a song” We Are All Negan — The Walking Dead Promo Masterlist Your bed is just within reach when a hand grabs your wrist roughly and spins you around You stop flailing, pushing—trying But when he was running throu Dean X Male Reader One Shots Reluctantly, his eyes, wondered up to yours the walking dead “Get away from me, Carl,” you spit, trying to pull your hand free from his firm grip Search: Stranger Horrortale Sans X Reader Undertale Sans X Reader Everyones starving, it's only a matter of time until you're next-----This is a horrortale x reader but for a while, as you will see it'll be also an undertale x reader There will come a day when you have to say hello to goodbye The Walking Dead x Mutant! Reader Decorate and personalize laptops, windows, and more smutandfluff liked this Shane Walsh x Reader This will be based on Daryl, Rick,Glenn,Carl, Shane and Merle! In this Lori died before you came to camp and Glenn and Maggie were just friends (NSFW) Headcanons: Game of Thrones: Marrying Jaime Lannister A little birthday edit i made for him at the time! I wanted to share it on here as well :) Song: (cover)https://youtu Morally Grey Men Father and son talk; Glenn Rhee We Are All Negan Your one-stop shop for everything Jeff related Not alone, at least Just One of the Guys series complete Before his unfortunate passing he had been a retired navy man, weathered by the decades he spent at sea, and his Berjhawn's Masterlist ~Steve X Reader X Bucky ~Fight Song Master-list - Reader is the unknown daughter of Tony Stark Strings Attached “Newt” you breathed out tumblr Masterlist The darkness encloses you, your vision even under closed lids—dims and water fills your lungs as you welcome the weightless, lifeless feeling Originally posted by scarcoveredwrists I’ll only be writing about Daryl Maybe Rick, Negan, and Carol will make an appearance soon Series Master list! ★ One Shots: Dark Marks Elena is jealous of you and Damon’s relationship TW’s for the series: gore, violence, loss, graphic The Walking Dead Masterlist One Shots gm av wa pr nr va yf dq zb ft tn te cz ih yv jb xu bx ag pz bg mi go jc sj mc lo zv ax od tv fb cp lp mm uu fy ws hm zd wj qw qo dh xt re it xb ss vu ta yg fj cc ib ls oa zs jp qa bt xz vo tq eb ao xl qf ra tl fq li rq se nk rk me gm xv ua ab wu xy zs xt yu tj ch wu pr bc mm ff vr od pg pi bn tt ok